Property Extensions in Lewisham, Gravesend and the Surrounding Areas | The Importance of Colour Schemes

Many aspects come together to make property extensions a success. Of course, the quality of the workmanship your builders produce is vital. However, an often-overlooked element of creating an impressive new living space is the colour scheme. At L Vella & Sons, we recognise that colour preferences are highly personal. We never push our own tastes onto a project. Rather, we encourage you to use the wealth of resources out there to find the perfect fit.

From Gravesend to Lewisham, our company has a stellar reputation for delivering home extensions of any type and size on time and within budget. What’s more, we achieve impeccable results that blend seamlessly with your original property.

In this blog, we look at how the importance of your extension’s colour scheme runs much deeper than you may have previously thought.

Property Extensions and Colour Schemes

Colour Creates a Mood

In many respects, colour can set a tone and affect our mood. This is true for clothing and the weather, so it’s clearly key for the new room our builders construct for you. As such, it’s important to have a clear vision for the kind of room you want to create – not just the colour palette, but it’s primary purpose. Knowing the type of room or rooms our team will add to your home helps to narrow down options.

Do you want a calming environment for an extra bedroom, or a home office that inspires energy and invigoration?

Colour is a powerful tool for rooms and entire properties. When used intelligently and with purpose, it can have a transformative impact.

Making an Impression

For property extensions in Gravesend, Lewisham and the neighbouring areas that create social spaces, such as a larger kitchen or living room, your design choices will inevitably make a first impression on guests. It’s essential, then, to think what kind of message you want your interior décor to send.

Put simply, colour has an immediate, strong effect on the atmosphere of a room. For example, when you enter a dark space, your mood will be different compared with a light one. Of course, neither option is better or worse – it solely depends on the kind of impression you want to make.

A carefully considered colour scheme communicates your personality and aesthetic preferences, making guests feel more at ease. By finalising your colour palette early, our builders can also suggest complementary materials to use during construction, especially for the carpentry and joinery.

Look for Cohesive Connection

As new additions to an original structure, it’s easy to view the decoration of property extensions as something separate. However, you will quickly become accustomed to your new room or rooms, and you will struggle to remember a time without them.

It’s important, then, to maintain a sense of continuity with your extension and the rest of the house. In fact, this applies to all individual rooms. Creating unique themes for every room works well and is a great opportunity for self-expression.

However, where rooms visibly connect, try to pick colours that complement one another. This makes transitions flowing and less jarring.

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