Property Extensions in Catford, Dartford and the Surrounding Areas | Popular Ways to Use New Living Space

Are you committed to extending your family home in Catford, Dartford or any of the surrounding areas? If you’re happy where you are and moving is simply a non-starter, embracing the ‘improve, don’t move’ concept makes perfect sense. As a team of time-served builders, L Vella & Sons meets every need for property extensions in Kent and the neighbouring parts of London. If your household desperately needs new living space, we can deliver what you need on time, within budget and to impeccable standards.

Our team excels in all single- and double-storey extension types, including rear-facing, side-of-house and wraparound. Whatever your ideas and concepts, you can rely on us to cover everything from start to finish.

In this blog, we look at some of the most popular, but less traditional, ways in which people use the new living space our builders create. As such, we don’t cover options such as additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

Ideas for Using Property Extensions

Home Office

Are you among the many people now working from home? Be it a permanent switch away from the office or a flexible approach, a home office is essential if you want to maintain concentration and productivity.

The unexpected nature of the mass switch to home working resulted in temporary set ups such as desks in bedrooms, claiming the dining table and working out in a chilly or sweltering conservatory.

But permanent situations need more than a temporary solution. With a quiet, dedicated setting for work set aside from your home environment, you can finally draw a clear boundary between family and working life.

Workout Studio

Have you always wanted to be more active, but find gym environments intimidating? Or do you have an expensive membership to a health club in or around Catford and Dartford that you rarely use? If you’ve often found obstacles stopping you from achieving your health and fitness goals, one of our property extensions can help.

Even a modest single-storey extension, completed to exacting standards by our builders, can house enough equipment and machinery to satisfy any requirement. This includes a small collection of free weights, kettlebells, a treadmill and a stationary bike.

With a space for working out at home, you won’t face the prospect of heading to the gym after work, or on a cold, rainy morning before breakfast. What’s more, the savings from a cancelled health club membership will soon add up too.

A Screen-Free Second Living Room

In today’s world of connectivity, it’s easy to feel like your mind is always on. TVs, tablets, laptops, phones – the devices that have become a part of our life expose us to a huge amount of news, information and content, whether we like it or not.

Having access to so much information creates an array of problems, so it’s little surprise that an increasing number of people investing in property extensions want to create a quiet, peaceful sanctuary that can help to restore balance and calm.

Our builders can construct a screen-free environment in your Catford, Dartford or local-area home. With a focus on soft lighting, comfortable furnishings and ample reading material, this space may soon become your favourite room in the house.

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