Loft Conversions in Lewisham, Sidcup and the Surrounding Areas

Do you want to increase your home’s habitable space within its current footprint? If your property feels cramped and claustrophobic, but you want to preserve the land surrounding it, our loft conversions make the perfect solution. Our builders excel at turning these dark, musty storage areas into comfortable, stylish and light-filled spaces. As a bespoke service, we create new rooms to meet any design aspiration and lifestyle requirement. And because we optimise an existing structure, your garden remains intact.

Based in Dartford, L Vella & Sons covers all surrounding areas in Kent and London. A selection of our key service locations includes Catford, Gravesend, Lewisham and Sidcup, to name a few.

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Delivering All Types of Loft Conversions

The builders at L Vella & Sons share decades of industry experience. As such, we specialise in all loft conversion styles, including:

The type of property you own will affect what kind of conversions are feasible.For example, we can only perform hip-to-gable loft conversions on properties whose roofs have at least one hipped side. As such, they’re typically found on detached and semi-detached homes.

However, rooflight, dormer and mansard conversions are more flexible. Our team can integrate these into various terraced, semi-detached and detached houses.

Of equal importance, you must check if your loft meets the recommended suitability criteria. The quickest way to assess this is to measure the distance between the floor and the loft’s tallest point, giving you the overall head height. For a simple conversion, you need at least 2.2m of clearance.

If your loft has 2.1m of headroom or less, conversion is still possible. However, our builders will need to carry out significant construction work before the conversion process begins. In most cases, this will involve either raising the current roof or lowering the ceilings in the rooms beneath your loft.

What’s more, loft conversions often fall within your permitted development rights. If your proposed design doesn’t exceed the stated limits, you don’t need to apply for planning permission from your local authority.

L Vella & Sons happily provides guidance and advice to help draw up a fully compliant design, if required. To schedule an initial consultation at your home, please contact us.

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Loft Conversions | Your Options Explained

VELUX Rooflight Conversions

These conversions are the most affordable and least disruptive. Our builders perform little by way of structural work. This is because the conversion itself takes place within your loft’s current structure. We only need to install the windows into the existing slope of your roof to create a light-filled space. Rooflight conversions are ideal if you have a large, spacious loft to start with.

Dormer Conversions

During these conversions, our team builds a structural extension (a dormer) that rises vertically out of the original roof. In most cases, we install the dormer on the rear roof slope. This addition creates a new habitable space complete with a flat ceiling, vertical walls, ample headroom and impressive floorspace.

Hip-to-Gable Conversions

These conversions involve a larger amount of construction work. First, our builders must remove the hipped side of your roof before extending the outer wall of your house upward. We then build a new horizontal roofing structure that creates a right angle with the extended wall – a feature known as a gable. The room beneath the reconfigured roof has considerable floorspace.

Mansard Conversions

This conversion style also involves building work which alters the structure of your roof. We replace the original pitched installation at the rear of your property with a structural addition. With a gradient of 72 degrees, this roofing upgrade creates a new space with a distinctive inward slope.

For an alternative to creating new habitable space in Catford, Gravesend, Lewisham, Sidcup and the neighbouring areas, our Dartford-based company also carries out property extensions.

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