Kitchen Renovations in Gravesend, Lewisham and the Surrounding Areas | Design Ideas for Your Reimagined Space

As the “heart of the home”, your kitchen has multiple roles to fill. It must look aesthetically pleasing, but also have inherent durability to withstand the damage that comes with preparing and cooking food. What’s more, this space must have optimal functionality and all the mod cons that make modern life easier. At L Vella & Sons, our team of builders performs kitchen renovations that make dream kitchens a reality.

Based in Dartford, our company undertakes a significant amount of our work in and around Gravesend and Lewisham. With a proven track record stretching back to our establishment in 1981, we have the skillset and knowledge to transform kitchens of any type and size.

If you’re still looking for inspiration for your own renovation project, we have provided some current trends in this blog.

Kitchen Renovations | Ideas and Inspiration

Prioritise Storage

Having plenty of storage is important in any room, but it feels even more necessary in a kitchen. Cutlery, crockery, appliances, herbs and spices, tinned food, dry goods, tea and coffee, cookbooks – all these things and more need a designated space to prevent your worktops from feeling cramped.

When performing renovations, our builders look for innovative ways to incorporate hidden storage solutions to supplement the cabinets and drawers. This type of unseen storage is vital in creating a streamlined finish that maximises space, but without any negative impact on the overall aesthetic.

Statement Sinks

Several aspects of your kitchen draw the eye, and the sink is chief among them. This is why, despite their purely functional nature, homeowners deliberate for days, weeks or months about which sink and taps to opt for. In fact, sink details have become one of the key elements of our kitchen renovations in Gravesend, Lewisham and the neighbouring region.

Fortunately, there is an array of options when it comes to finding the perfect installation, from traditional and vintage looks to sleek, modern styles. Whether you prefer a deep, single or double sink, and taps in matt black, brass or any other finish, our builders can integrate your preferred option into any wider renovation project.

Large Flagstone Tiles

Your kitchen is likely a high-traffic area, from busy breakfasts to end-of-day dinners. If you work from home, you complete the set and prepare your lunch there too. But it’s not just the feet coming and going that can cause wear and tear – dropped knives, forks and other kitchen essentials hit the floor with plenty of impact. For kitchen renovations, then, durable, yet attractive, flooring is a must.

Owing to their classic appearance and hardwearing nature, country homes and estates have used flagstone flooring in kitchens for centuries. These attributes, along with the classic appearance they create in almost any design scheme, mean this floor option has stood the test of time. As a result, an increasing number of homeowners in Gravesend, Lewisham and the surrounding areas are asking our builders to work with this material in large-format tiles.

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