Kitchen Renovations in Catford, Sidcup and the Surrounding Areas | Key Considerations for a Functional Space

What does your dream kitchen look like? If you already have clearly defined ideas for your cabinets, splashback, appliances, worktops and flooring, that’s a great starting point for a transformation project. However, successful kitchens are far more than aesthetically pleasing spaces. The best designs have a carefully considered layout that makes using them a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

As an expert for kitchen renovations in Catford, Sidcup and the neighbouring areas, the builders at L Vella & Sons work with you from the outset to turn your ideas into a stunning, fully functional reality. 

But what makes a kitchen easy to use? In this blog, we look at some key points of the kitchen design process.

Kitchen Renovations | Creating Functional Designs

Eliminate Wasted Steps

When using your kitchen, you may find yourself carrying hot or heavy items from one area to another. For this and various other reasons, the best designs keep the number of steps between features to a minimum. When planning out your own reimagined kitchen, then, think about where your items and appliances are and how you use them.

Keep breakfast bowls and foods near the table. Store containers and wraps in a convenient spot near a worktop for easy handling of leftovers. House most of your crockery and cutlery closer to the dishwasher for straightforward unloading.

The Work Triangle

This concept lays at the heart of every functional kitchen design. When performing kitchen renovations in Catford, Sidcup and the surrounding region, our builders always have the work triangle in mind.

The three points of the triangle are the main contact points of the kitchen – the fridge, stove and sink. When integrated well, the work triangle makes the process of accessing, and moving between, each of these features as smooth as possible. Of course, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but this concept can apply to every design.

Landing Space Near Appliances

A landing space is a spot where you can place items going into or coming out of an appliance. This makes preparing ingredients, snacks and meals far more efficient. By simply having a vacant space where you put individual items retrieved from the fridge, or a piping hot meal from the oven, you reduce handling time. You’re also less likely to forget that you’ve left a door open.

Our builders recommend around 15 inches of countertop space to the side of a stove, oven and fridge freezer. If you have the space, consider the same for your microwave and other small appliances like the toaster and coffee pot.

Make Recycling Easy

From Catford to Sidcup, local councils throughout the region each have their own recycling scheme in place to help reduce waste. If your current kitchen setup makes the process of sorting your household’s rubbish difficult and longwinded, our builders can factor the necessary features into your design.

Popular options for kitchen renovations include equipping a cupboard or cabinet with multiple bins for different types of waste. For example, one for organic scraps, one for plastic and glass and another for materials that can’t be recycled.

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