Kitchen Renovations in Gravesend | Loft Conversions and Other Building Work | How Much Disruption to Expect

Are you planning a home improvement or development project at your Gravesend home? From kitchen renovations to loft conversions to property extensions, this kind of work, and the prospect of the results they deliver, causes understandable excitement. For one, there’s the decoration and furnishing process and the opportunity to tap into your creativity. Then there’s the all-round improvement in the quality of life you will experience.

At L Vella & Sons, we fulfil numerous roles to meet your every need. We are builders, bathroom fitters and specialists for kitchen installations. You can rely on us to improve single rooms or entire properties, to convert underused areas and create brand-new living space.

Naturally, work of this nature comes with a certain amount of disruption. But this varies considerably depending on your requirements. Of course, a simple kitchen refurbishment will involve much less than a double-storey extension.

Disruption | What to Expect

Property Extensions

It’s unsurprising that extending your home, much like loft conversions, is a far more disruptive process than work like bathroom and kitchen renovations. Unlike our bathroom fitters, for example, our builders must create a brand-new structure from scratch. This includes excavation, drainage preparation and all other groundworks before the physical build on the superstructure even begins.

The level of disruption will depend on the type and size of your extension. For example, a simple, 3-metre, single-storey rear extension has an approximate construction time of 3 to 4 months. With a double-storey addition, this extends to around 6 months.

Homeowners in Gravesend and the neighbouring areas also ask us whether they need to move out during the building work involved in property extensions. In most cases, it’s possible to stay living in your home. This is especially true if our builders operate in a single confined space.

However, we will likely formulate a plan with you to ensure dust and the elements stay out of your exposed house. Our team also draws up bespoke solutions if you don’t have access to basic amenities, as with kitchen renovations and extensions. This can include the setting up of a temporary kitchenette. Our bathroom fitters also offer advice if your toilet, bath or shower is unavailable for a short period.

Loft Conversions

As with property extensions, there’s no escaping the fact that converting your loft comes with unavoidable disruption. The average conversion takes around 12 weeks. But this is only an average. Conversions come in various styles, and no two properties are the same. Some may take as little as 8 weeks, while others could last up to 16 weeks.

Rooflight loft conversions are the simplest to complete. Therefore, they also involve the least disruption. Dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable designs involve varying amounts of structural alterations to your Gravesend home. More construction work equals more disruption.

Every conversion has two stages: the outer build and the inner build. Fortunately, the latter takes up most of your conversion project, and it isn’t especially disruptive for you and your family. During the outer build, our builders use scaffolding erected outside your home to access the roof. We then enter your loft space, and deliver materials and products, through a hole we create in your roof as part of the conversion process.

Disruption is more noticeable during the internal work, particularly when installing the staircase leading up to your new room. However, we aim to complete this stage within 1 to 2 days.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

In theory, installing a new kitchen or bathroom in your Gravesend home comes with far less disruption when compared with property extensions and loft conversions. Taking place in single rooms, they are much smaller projects. However, they involve the disconnection and replacement of key amenities, including your oven, stove, shower and toilet.

How long these features spend out of action depends entirely on the type and size of your project. For example, if our bathroom fitters only need to make like-for-like replacements, this is a relatively quick process.

However, larger renovation work that involves redesigning is almost certain to take longer. For your peace of mind, we discuss all your needs, and solutions, long before our builders arrive at your site.

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