Loft Conversions in Dartford | Property Extensions | How Our Services Cater to Homeowner Concerns

Do you have long-standing dream projects to improve or develop your Dartford home? Of course, no house is perfect. Even if you’ve found your ‘forever home’, there are still likely numerous upgrades you want to make. Popular options include single-room jobs like kitchen renovations as well as larger projects like loft conversions and property extensions.

At L Vella & Sons, we operate as builders, kitchen and bathroom fitters and property maintenance specialists. With a trading history stretching back to 1981, our team has the expertise to meet all your needs.

With this in mind, we have looked below at how our services cater to some of the most common homeowner concerns.

Issues Our Services Address

Lack of Space

Around 7 in 10 UK homeowners confess to feeling unhappy with their property’s size. There are numerous reasons for this. One of the oldest and most obvious is that of a growing family. If you move into a 1- or 2-bedroom house with a spouse or partner and have one or more children over the years, what once felt like ample space will eventually feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Moving to a larger house isn’t always possible, nor wanted. Be it financial constraints or wanting to stay in a much-loved neighbourhood, the ‘improve, don’t move’ concept holds far more appeal for many people.

Our builders create brand-new living space in and around Dartford through bespoke loft conversions and property extensions. From bedrooms to bathrooms to home gyms, there’s no concept or idea we can’t deliver.

Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms

Everyone has their own idea of what the most important rooms in a house are. But if you’ve ever rented, bought or sold a property before, you’ll know how much interest kitchens and bathrooms draw. It’s little surprise, then, that bathroom and kitchen renovations rank so highly when it comes to the most popular home improvements.

The Dartford-based team at L Vella & Sons aren’t just builders. Our wide-ranging skillset allows us to operate as kitchen and bathroom fitters too.

We transform tired, dated or outright damaged rooms into dazzling new spaces. But these installations aren’t purely aesthetic. We integrate must-have features to improve functionality too, such as heated towel racks, heated mirrors and walk-in showers, to name a few.

Unlocking Property Potential

If you have space or land sitting empty, it’s understandable that you want to make better use of it. For example, your loft may be nothing more than a dark, musty storage area. You may have a large garden that, if anything, is too big for your interest in gardening.

Whatever your own circumstances, the builders at L Vella & Sons can help you to unlock the potential of your Dartford property. In the land surrounding your home, one of our property extensions can help to ease the burden inside. If you’re working from home more often, a home addition makes for a great dedicated office space.

Our loft conversions also create a stylish, comfortable new room at the top of your house. An appealing solution in this regard is building a guest room, allowing you to host family and friends without any disruption or inconvenience.

To schedule an initial consultation about your own improvement or development project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen renovations team can turn any idea or concept into a stunning reality.

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