Bathroom or Kitchen Renovations in Catford? Loft Conversions or Property Extensions? Choosing the Right Project

Whether you’re happy with your property for now, or you’ve found your ‘forever home’, it’s likely you will always have home improvement or development projects in mind. It takes time to make a good home great. But it also takes a sizeable budget too. As such, most homeowners in Catford and the neighbouring areas spread projects out over time.

While this approach balances the books and minimises disruption, it also involves choosing between jobs: bathroom or kitchen renovations? Loft conversions or property extensions?

L Vella & Sons are locally trusted builders covering a wide range of services. With additional expertise as kitchen and bathroom fitters, homeowners in Kent and London choose us to refurbish, renovate, convert and extend their homes.

Choosing Between Our Services

Increasing Your Home’s Square Footage

If you desperately need to create new living or working space at your Catford home, there are two primary options: loft conversions and property extensions. You may also have the opportunity to consider a garage conversion too.

There are numerous benefits associated with extending your home and converting your loft. Of course, the most obvious is the creation of a new room tailored to your needs. Our builders can create space of any kind, including bedrooms, home offices and hobby rooms. As bathroom fitters and specialists in kitchen renovations, we can also extend your kitchen or add new bathrooms, including en suite facilities.

When converting your loft, you make more effective use of a usually underused space. If it’s sitting empty, or barely used, why not convert it into something more useful and valuable? However, if your loft is an especially active storage space, you must find an alternative home for your items before planning your conversion.

Loft conversions involve building up, rather than out. As such, this option preserves your garden. This could be key if you have a small space or you’re a keen gardener. But if you have a large garden, or pockets of unused land surrounding your home, property extensions unlock the potential of your wider premises.

If you also have a tighter budget or concerns about disruption, it’s important to know that, when left to our skilled builders, converting your loft is a quicker and cheaper process than building an extension. As such, it is less disruptive too.

Bathroom or Kitchen Renovations?

When facing this question, our kitchen and bathroom fitters typically respond by asking “what are your priorities?” While the choice between property extensions and loft conversions involves numerous external variables, choosing between your kitchen and bathroom is more personal.

On the most basic level, which room is your favourite? If you already know that you prefer one over the other, then prioritise it for refurbishment or renovation.

If you like them both the same, consider your situation a few years down the line. Are you staying in your current Catford home for many more years to come? Or will you likely sell relatively soon? If it’s the latter, kitchens tend to hold more appeal with prospective buyers. This makes a sale more likely, and at a better price.

If you still can’t split bathroom and kitchen renovations at this point, ask yourself which one will benefit your family’s quality of life more. Do you like pampering yourself after a shower or relaxing in the bath? Or does your family love baking and homecooked meals?

Whether you need us as builders, bathroom fitters or kitchen installers, we’re on hand to help realise all your dream home improvement projects in Catford. Read our testimonials to see how highly people rate us.

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