Bathroom Fitter in Gravesend, Sidcup and the Surrounding Areas | How Long Does It Take to Install a New Bathroom?

Are you finally ready to turn your dream bathroom into a reality? In the earliest stages of your project, you will face numerous important questions. Which bathroom fitter should I choose? How long will the installation take? What features look and work best? At L Vella & Sons, our team of builders excels in fitting bespoke bathrooms. We make everything simple, efficient and hassle-free, ensuring you have the best possible experience from start to finish.

With a proven track record stretching back to our establishment in 1981, we are the trusted choice for new bathrooms in Gravesend, Sidcup and all surrounding locations in Kent and London.

Of course, replacing your existing bathroom comes with a certain amount of disruption. However, without knowing the specifics of your project, we can’t give an accurate timescale for completion. In this blog, we look at some of the key points that influence how long fitting your new bathroom will take.

Factors Affecting Project Length

Of course, every refurbishment our builders and bathroom fitters take on has its own qualities and variables. As such, the information below is only a guide. For a more personalised solution, please contact us to book an initial consultation.

Scale of Work

Replacing an entire bathroom involves the installation of new fixtures and fittings. The number of new features you need to install goes a long way to determining the length of the whole job.

For example, the flooring and tiling typically takes between 2 to 3 days. The final duration depends on the type of floor you opt for.In addition, our bathroom fitters take around 3 days to finish the piping and plumbing. But again, the accuracy of this timescale depends on factors like the style of your home in Gravesend, Sidcup or the neighbouring areas, the amount of drilling we need to undertake as well as the position of the shower and/or bath.

For comparison, most standard electric work takes around half a day to complete.

Bathroom Suite Size and Position

In short, the bigger your suite, the longer it will take our bathroom fitters to install. What’s more, if our builders have to carry out additional work to prepare for the installation itself, this only lengthens the entire process.

The Professionals You Choose

While it may seem obvious, it still needs stating – the only way to guarantee the quickest possible turnaround time for your project in Gravesend, Sidcup or the surrounding region is to hire experienced bathroom fitters. With L Vella & Sons, this is exactly what you get. We deliver new bathroom installations with impeccable workmanship tailored to your original ideas and concepts.

If you opt for a cut-price professional lacking in skill, or even a DIY project, you not only open the door to substandard results, but it will also take much longer to achieve even this. Ironically, this approach usually results in the hiring of professional builders for rectification work. This means more expense, disruption and time.

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