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What does your dream bathroom look like? This room is one of the most important in your house, so it’s only natural that you would build up an image of what your perfect installation looks like. Bathrooms are spaces dedicated to self-care and relaxation. They’re peaceful sanctuaries designed to create distance from the noise and stress of modern life. With this in mind, there are multiple aspects that come together to make a successful bathroom, most of which fall into the categories of function and decoration.

As both builders and bathroom fitters, L Vella & Sons transforms dated spaces in Catford, Dartford and all surrounding areas. With a start-to-finish service covering every aspect of your job, we make upgrading your bathroom simple and hassle-free.

If you still need bathroom inspiration, we have used this blog to look at some of the most popular features currently influencing stylish, innovative designs.

Must-Have Features for New Bathrooms

Glass Showers

With an ultra-modern, minimalist design, glass showers have increasingly become a staple of the spaces our bathroom fitters create. One of the most appealing aspects of this feature is their transparency. As a result, your tiles are always on display rather than hidden behind a shower curtain. In turn, this gives you and our builders greater scope to draw up an eye-catching pattern.

While glass showers work well in spaces of any size, they are especially effective in smaller bathrooms. The presence of glass is key in creating the illusion of more space.

Mixer Taps

Of course, mixer taps are not a new idea. However, they are finally replacing the more traditional, far less practical individual cold- and hot-water taps. From Catford to Dartford, more homeowners in Kent and London are opting for sleek, streamlined bathroom designs. Needless to say, mixer taps fit this trend more than two-hole sanitaryware.

But our builders and bathroom fitters don’t just recommend this option for its aesthetic appeal. In short, mixer taps are inherently more functional. They make finding the perfect water temperature easier and faster, simplifying morning and evening routines.

Supersize Tiles

Because of its size, large format tiling has minimal grout lines. This has the dual benefit of emphasising your available space and creating a bold new appearance. What’s more, this option is continuing to grow in popularity, so manufacturers are creating a wider range of colours and textures.

With such ample choice, you’re more likely to achieve your long-held bathroom design. Supersize tiles work just as well with traditional styles as they do modern installations.

Waterfall Showers

Does your home in Catford, Dartford or the surrounding areas have minimal space to work with? Smaller properties invariably have bathrooms with tight dimensions, so it’s understandable why you may sacrifice a bath to free up more space. In such cases, this allows our builders and bathroom fitters to create a larger shower. And, to compensate for the loss of a bath’s relative luxury, we can install a waterfall showerhead.

Over the past decade, this feature has become a must-have for new bathroom installations. They provide a more immersive shower when compared with more basic options. We firmly believe that the benefits of waterfall showerheads are better experienced, not explained.

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